Feng Shui Tips For Education

All of us wants a successful career. However, a successful career is built on the knowledge we gain. Hence, the Chinese understand this very well and they took education seriously. In ancient China, one way for them to shed off poverty is to pass the imperial exam and become scholar to work for the emperor. The Chinese even believes that by burying their ancestors in a good Feng Shui place will help them to pass the exam.

This mindset has been passed down from one generation to another, which until now, the parents in Asia are still so focus in their children exam, which they will still believes in Feng Shui can help their children to do well in the exam.

For Feng Shui to help in your child education, first thing is you must identify a proper study place for your child. To identify a proper study place, you must find out the lucky position for your child. According to Feng Shui, there are 4 lucky and unlucky position, so you must know where in your house or study room is a lucky position and eventually to set up a study area there for your child.

When setting up a study area, you must also make sure there is no pillar on top of the study table. A pillar on top of the study table make it looks like your child is carrying too much stress on his shoulder, which is no good for his/her study.

After you have set up a study area, make sure your child is sitting facing that direction. Your child must also sleep with head facing that direction, so that he can absorb all the lucky forces which will helps him in gaining the attention from their school teachers or tutors and able to perform better in school

The study area must be bright enough for your child to study, without stressing too much of your child’s eye. The study area must also be kept clean and neat at all times so that your child will not be disorganised when comes to revision of their school work.

The wall color of the study area or study room must also be complement with your child 5 elements so that it will enhance your child study luck and helps them excel in school