2014 Chinese Horoscope Prediction – Rooster

2014 Chinese Horoscope Prediction RoosterOverall
Quite a good fortune this year. Your luck in all areas, career, love, wealth are consider one of the better one this year. Your luck is the best in the first 3 months of the year. Though with such a good luck, you will need to pay more attention to your health as you may face sickness due to the change of weather.

Someone in high position will be there to help you in your career. Promotion or resonable increment can be expected. This is also the year to start your own business if you intend to. For business owners, you can try to expand your business overseas this year. However, whatever you do, you must have a plan, if else you will miss a good chance this year

This is a colourful and wonderful for our friends born in the year of Roosters. Everything will be smooth for you and your partners. For singles, you will have a high chance to meet your partners this year. However, beware of getting into too close with friends in opposite genders and affecting the family of both parties