2014 Chinese Horoscope Prediction – Rabbit

2014 Chinese Horoscope Prediction RabbitOverall
2014 is a good year for Rabbit zodiac. In fact, the luck for those who are born in the year of Rabbit are the best in 2014. If you are able to plan properly before you make any decision, luck will be at your side to assist you. However, you must also beware of someone who may be jealous at you and may get into unnecessary dispute.

This is a good year for you in terms of luck and wealth. You may want to expand your business, if you are doing your own business. However, do it with care and with a proper plan. For those who are still working, your hard work will be appreciated. However, try to avoid in investing on something risky such as shares and property.

For married couples, you will enjoy a good relationship between your partner and you. For those who are still singles and searching for someone you like, this year you will have a chance of meeting someone that can meet your expectation. For those in love, you will have a high chance of getting married this year.