2014 Chinese Horoscope Prediction – Ox

For our friends who born in the Chinese Horoscope of Ox, someone will be doing something funny behind your back. Beware of falling into their trap and get into unecessary trouble. Wealth luck is low this year. You must be well versed of the market, if you intend to invest, if not you will encountered unnecssary losses. Remember to exercise more to remain healthy this year.

Your luck this year is just average. You will face some difficulty in your career.
You will feel like begin trapped in a web and unable to breakthrough. However, your friends or colleagues will be there to help you. Remember to communicate more with other people so as to make use of other people strength to help you through this year.

For married couple, you will have a high chance of getting a baby this year. For singles, this is a good year for you to meet someone that met your expectation. Relationship will develop well between the two of you. As for those who are in love now, this is a good year to tie the knot